All About ME

Welcome to The Very Busy Classroom, my name is Sue and I am the teacher here in the very busy classroom.  I am teaching first grade this year after twelve years in kindergarten.  I am staying at the same school however I will be in a new classroom. 

I love challenges!!

I love to decorate and to organize. 

I spend a lot of my money at Starbucks drinking Iced Green Tea and Hot Chocolate.

The rest of my money is spent at TPT, Barnes and Noble and Target buying teacher supplies. 

I enjoy reading blogs about teaching, organizing and cooking. 

All of the ideas on this blog are ideas I have found somewhere in the blogging world or in a book and I try to tweak it to make it work in my classroom.  I am sharing with you what I do in my classroom and maybe it will spark an idea you can use in your classroom. 

Happy Teaching :) 


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