My Professional Reading Log


Every year I ask my students to keep a reading log each week.  
The homework assignment is simple.  
Read for fifteen minutes each night.   
It occurred to me that I needed to set the same time aside for myself and hold myself to the same standards. 
I also thought it would be a great idea to start a reading log as well.    
I have two reading logs a professional and personal.   


Read my review here

I absolutely loved this book.  I could barely put it down each night.  I would try an idea in my classroom and see my little ones incorporating it into their writing that day.  I recommend you buy a hard copy you that can highlight and reference.  I purchased an e-book and then had to rebuy a hard copy.   Read my review here at my old blog. 

Teach like a Champion is a wonderful book with great techniques to engage students in discussions.  The book is focused on setting the children on the right path to college.  Read more of my review here.

The Next Step in Guided Reading, by Jan Richardson,  is a very detailed book with lots of great ideas for reading teachers of all levels.  Please read my detailed review HERE.


The Book Whisperer is a book about teaching reading by allowing the children to have time to READ!  D. Miller writes about her experiences teaching sixth grade however I think you can take the basic ideas and apply them to any grade level.  Read More about my thoughts here.    Stop by this link to see how I changed my classroom to make reading the focal point of my classroom.  

Teaching in the Digital Age Smart Tools for Age 3 to Grade 3,  is a good book for teachers with very little knowledge of technology and have little technology in their classroom.  I did my review of this book by chapters this time mainly to give myself deadlines for reading.  You can read my ideas and notes from the chapters at the following posts:
Chapter 1 & 2  Lots of ideas to incorporate photos and authors links in the classroom.
Chapter 3 & 4  Smartboards and Projectors
Chapter 5 & 6  e-pals, Skype and podcasts
Chapter 7 & 8  Classroom resources for the Internet 
Chapter 9  Free apps for the classroom

Happy Reading:) 
The Very Busy Classroom

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