Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Hairy Scary Spider

This will be a short week for us.  We will have our Teacher In-Service Thursday and Friday.  I am going to try to squeeze in a lot of lessons about Spiders. 

I found some great books to read:
The Very Busy Spider By Eric Carle

Miss Spider's Tea Party App is for the listening center.

 Anansi and the Spider by Gerald McDermitt

And  The Diary of a Spider on Tumble Books.

Then I purchased this great unit on spiders from Kristen and she has some amazing ideas.   I did add some of my favorite ideas that I love to when I teach animals. 

Of course, I had to add a poem.  I love to teach with poems each week

Click Here for your free copy

Click the spider to go to National Geographic to see a video clip about Daddy Long Legs.

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