Saturday, December 14, 2013

Two More Poems for Christmas

I feel as though I say this each week but I just do not know where the time goes.  Each week I have I promise myself I will blog some of the great things my first grade class is doing and each week I just do not get to it. 

I love teaching first grade again. However it just takes every minute of my day to organize, prepare and find great ideas to teach each day. 

I have two poems for you this week because I did not get around to posting last week. 

Last week my class did the poem called SNOW SURPRISE.  It was perfect because it snowed two days and my little first graders were enjoying the snow at recess.
Click Here for a  Free Copy

 I also created a homework page for the children to follow up with at home.  

This week my first graders are going to read the poem,  SANTA’S ELF.  I have to be honest.  I changed the words a bit in Santa’s Elf to make it fit my phonics needs.  We are working on blends right now and I wanted my poem to have more blends.  This poem was called Myself and the Elf and I wanted it to be more Christmas, so I changed it.  I hope the author doesn't mind.
Click Here for a Free Copy
 I make a homework sheet each week.  

Happy Reading


  1. Very nice post. Actually, every christmas, I browse around and read some short Christmas poems and the ones that I enjoyed will be included in my Christmas greetings for family. This has been a tradition. Thanks for sharing inspiration. Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks Sarah for your kind thoughts.


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