Monday, February 17, 2014

Book Review: The Book Whisper

The Book Whisper

This book was written about Mrs. miller's sixth grade classroom and I thought the author had some wonderful points that could be applied at any grade level. 

Teach comprehension strategies and literacy elements that students can apply to a wide range of texts

I have been trying to reinforce the comprehension strategies and reading strategies one by one that we have been working on all year.  I try to model them as i read a new story during shared reading.  As the children read to me I try to point out the strategies they are using to the group.  Labeling them for the children so they realize they are using the strategies as well.

“Reading Changes Your Life.”
Reading unlocks worlds unknown or forgotten
Reading helps you escape
Reading shows you how to be a better human being.

This is such an important point that the author makes that it just reinforces my belief of why reading is so important. I did some soul searching and thought about how I had the books organized laid in my classroom.  One thing I noticed is that my students did not have enough room to spread out and read.  So i changed my classroom around and made more room for the children to buddy read and find books with ease.   

Providing students the opportunity to choose their own books to read EMPOWERS and ENCOURAGES them.
·      Reading strengths their self confidence
·      Reading rewards their interests
·      Reading promotes positive attitude toward learning
·      Reading has more impact on student achievement than any other activity in school.  Independent Reading should be #1 on our lesson plans.

I have been doing this for a while however, since I read this book I have been making the point to make sure that I am pointing my students in the direction of finding books that meet their reading needs and experiences. 

Develop the habit of Reading
·      adults reward themselves by snuggling up with their books
·      independent reading will help ingrain the daily habit

this is my ideal image of a reading spot.  reading bookshelves in a cozy area in Paris.  
There is nothing I like more then the end of the day when I can cuddle in my bed and read the last ten minutes of the day.  it is my dream to instill my love for reading in my students.  I take great pride in watching them enjoy themselves as they find a book they love.  Right now they love mo willems, they just cannot get enough of his books.  I have already pre-order his new books and so have a couple of my students.
Reading is what we do……Always………Everywhere!

Dory’s mantra from Finding Nemo
“Just Keep Reading!”

Gifted readers should read fiction  close to their age level and nonfiction at their advance reading level.

This is a great point, especially for me because I have so many children who read above grade level.  The trick for me is finding material that is appropriate for them. nonfiction is always my go to idea. 

Students who do not read regularly become weaker readers with each subsequent years. 
How do you TRANSFORM nonreaders into readers??????
·      heavy dose of independent reading &
explicit instruction with reading strategies

I would say this is true of all readers.  Readers just need the time to read. 

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