Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween

I have to admit I am not doing a good job blogging this year.  I am not taking a lot of pictures during our class times mainly because I am so involved in helping the children.  I guess that is my first priority. 

Anyways I wanted to share a couple of things that my students enjoyed this year. 

First of all the top three Halloween stories in my classroom were: 
·      Big Pumpkin

·      The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

·      Room on the Broom

We painted pumpkins for our classroom.

When we went to the Apple Orchard we were given a free pumpkin.  I sent a parent to get the pumpkin for us and she came back with this huge pumpkin. 

I found two great activities for free that we did throughout our Halloween Day.
·      Pumpkin Math by Kristin Smith

·      More Halloween Math from The Busy Class

I did purchase two activities:
The first was by Leslie Ann and it went with the book:  Room on the Broom

 The second was a fun activity with a  100’s chart by Primary Techie.   My students loved it. 

For a Halloween treat I made these cute little bags.  My students were so excited to get the treat bags.  You would have thought I gave them gold.  

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