Friday, November 7, 2014

Bat Magic

Bat Magic Week

At my school it is so hard to teach something new that the students have not been exposed too.  That is why I like bat week.  Bats are a new topic for the children.  Most of the children could share personal experiences about bats however most of the students have not read the stories about bats. Our favorite bat stories were:  Stellaluna, Night Song and Daft Bat.

We made black bats to hang up in our classroom and a couple in the hallway.

Each student wrote a little report about bats.  I found the idea in the unit by Reagan Tunstall.  

We went to the zoo for the Bat Magic program.  It was so cute.  They set up a cave in the classroom.  They even bring a live bat into the classroom for the children to see. 

At the Bat Magic program the children make a cute brown bat.  This is a fun way to celebrate Halloween.   

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