Monday, June 23, 2014

Chapters 3 & 4 Teaching in the Digital Age

I am reading Teaching in the Digital Age for part of my professional development.  This week’s chapters were about Projectors (i.e. Smartboards) and Using Audio Recordings to Capture Powerful Moments.  Two things I have in my classroom so I was very excited about the chapters.  I have had a smartboard in my classroom for about six years now and sometimes I tend to do the same activities.  I have i-pads in my classroom as well and I know I am not using them to their fullest potential.

Chapter 3  Rethinking Projectors
If you do not have a smartboard this chapter is for you.  B. Puerling gives lots of reasons why you need a smartboard in your classroom and you can use those points to write a proposal.  He gives some basic suggestions of how to you the projectors in the classroom without much training.  He writes about placement of the projector in your classroom as well. Great chapter for beginners.   

Chapter 4  Using Audio Recording to Capture Powerful Moments
B. Puelring provides several ideas of how to use audio recordings to support learning.  My time is always precious to me in first grade.  I pack a lot into my learning day so I am looking for ways to enhance what we already do, one idea I found in this chapter was enhancing the listening center.  This year my listening center was stories on the ipad.  However I know I could do more.  I do have stories on CD and believe it or not cassette tapes too.  First graders could handle it.  I think I will set that old school stuff up.  B. Puelring wrote about a website,  I went to check it out and it looks cute and easy to navigate.  I am thinking of buying a subscription for the year. 

As I read this chapter it reminded me that I did have the children record themselves reading on the ipad when I purchased my first one.  However it was hard to do, I ended up spending a lot of time during recess helping children record themselves.  I noticed the children did not watch the videos.  So I am not sure it was worth the time. 

Another cute idea was publishing class songs.  That is something I may want to investigate more.  Actually I would like to find out more about posting reader’s theater.

So those are my thoughts for this week’s chapters.something to think about. 

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