Monday, July 7, 2014

Chapters 7 & 8 Teaching in the Digital Age

I have to admit I am taking this summer vacation thing seriously this year.  I am doing a lot of relaxing and moving at a very slow pace.  Nothing seems to be getting dong around here.  I am reading my chapters for this book last minute, just like a college student.  Maybe it is because I have not yet connected with the book I am not sure.  This week I read Chapters 7 Using Video Snapshots to Support Inquiry and Expand Classroom Walls and Chapter 8 Multi-Touch Mobile Devices Bring the World to our Fingertips.

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe because the book was written a couple of years ago, nothing is jumping out at me as something new or something I need to add to my first grade classroom.  The author Brian Puerling did have a couple resources that I did not know about for young children:
·      Safari Montage ($$$$)
·      PBS for kids
·      Teacher Tube
·      Brain Pop Jr. ($$$)

I would add to this list:
·      National Geographic for kids especially the animal videos  
·      abcya
·      cool math games
·      starfall
·      Arthur Stories online
·      Tumble Books ($$$$$)

Another idea I thought of while reading Chapter 7 was to have my students take notes during and after some of the video clips I show and then share ideas

I also thought it might be fun to divide the children into groups and then some how have them video their responses.  Then share that with the class.  The first graders would love this. 
The author writes about recording small group interactions as well to possible share at conference time.  Also you could use this video as a teaching moment with the children to talk about what the directions where, who is staying on task, who is following their role or assignments introducing reflection on how I worked in the group.
As far as teaching with ipads or other hand held devices I think this is important for all technology you need to teach the children the vocabulary that goes along with the devices.  Show them the power on/off button.  The difference between swiping and scrolling on a device.  What is an application?  Where do you put the device when you are finished?  How to close out or log out of a site. 

All these little things do not need to be taught in one lesson, however you should address then throughout the year as the need arises.

If you are a beginner with technology you might want to read the chapter a bit more there is lot of advice on how to pick the best devise for your classroom and other basic information.  Since I already had four ipads for my classroom I skimmed over those sections.  

Ok I have to drink is getting warm!   hahaha!

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