Monday, July 14, 2014

Chapter 9 Teaching in the Digital Age

I finished reading Teaching in the Digitial Age.  I read Chapter Nine this week and it reinforced the importance of having technology in classroom.

I think every teacher already knows that kids love technology.  They love to touch and learn and have fun all at the same time.  If you need some evidence to write a grant for ipads this is the chapter for you.

For those of us looking for ideas of what to do with the ipads now that we have them in our classrooms, this chapter will not help you. 

Instead of writing about the chapter I have decided to spend some time researching on Pinterest from other teachers what apps they like and what they suggest for the classroom.  I already have a couple of my favorites however I am looking for new ideas that I am not already using in my classroom. 

Right now my students use the ipads for listening to lots of stories that I have purchased and for logging into ixl math.  The iPads are always in use in my room.    

However I was searching for some free ideas that I could add to that list of things to do when your work is done.  Here are some ideas I found:

Tap Roulette App
This app can help solve problems in the classroom.  It can decided who can go first in a game.   Which table can line up first.

Screen Chomp
This looks like a great way to document what you know and record it and show it to the class.  It looks like a recordable white board.   I can see this being very useful during math.  It begins a whole new meaning to show me your work1

Number Pieces
Place Value blocks..perfect. I need these to help explain some lessons. 

Meerkat Math
This looks like a fun way to practice math facts.

Spelling City
This I like……I am always looking for fun ways to practice spelling words.  It has games the children can play as they practice their words.  

A+ Spelling Test
This app will quiz the students on their spelling words and give the results.    

Google Earth
This will be great for Social Studies or Reading when I am explaining where a place is on the Earth.

Fry Words  and Sight Words
A fun way to practice sight words.  I always have a couple students who struggle with sight words.  This would be a fun way to practice those words.  

I am looking forward to using these this year.  I think the students will enjoy them.  I hope this list is helpful to you as well. 

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