Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ready or Not......First Grade Here I Come

It’s official; I moved all my things into my new classroom, Room 105.  As of right now I am the first grade teacher.  It has been eleven long years since I was last in first grade.  There have been lots of changes, Daily 5, Common Core….just to name a few. 

I feel like a first year teacher.  I have lots to learn and I am not wasting any time.  My goal is to work on something each day. 

Since I used a lot of my poems in kindergarten I need to find some new material.  My job today was to find a poem that I can use for the first week of school.  I purchased a great poetry book from Scholastic books, Pick A Poem!  It has a great selection of poems.  I highly recommend it, if you are looking for some material. 
Each week I like to have a poem that will review the sight words, practice rhyming and work on a word family.  This poem will be perfect!

I already created a poetry basket where I keep copies of the poems for the reading center.  The students will create a poetry notebook with 3 prong folders to keep their copies for home reading. 

I created a worksheet to review skills as well.  The first one is very simple just to get us started.   Click Here if you would like a free copy of the poem and worksheet. :)

Let me know your thoughts.


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